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with a platform developed for Angels, Accelerators and VCs to support their startup selection, portfolio and investor network management process

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Collect and keep track of startup applications in one place

StartupCRM is a platform specially developed and designed for investors. Investors can collect and keep track of their investment opportunities and selection process in an easy-to-use environment.

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Screen startups effortlessly by using video interview

StartupCRM's built-in video interview module turns the selection process into an effortless and efficient process. Investors can quickly put together their customized interview and save time & energy, generating the same benefits as organizing personal meetings.

Collaborate with your team to make great decisions

StartupCRM offers a solution, where team members can review an interview whenever their personal schedule allows it. The system makes it easy to evaluate the applicants in various prospects and aggregates the result for easy and quick decision making.

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Clearly defined investor portfolio page and network management

StartupCRM gives the possibility for the management to secure access to the portfolio for existing and potential 3rd party investors. This customized access page offers great portfolio and network management and, promotion options.

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Investor portfolio page

The investor portfolio page offers an easy to overview summary for the investors.

Investor network

StartupCRM offers a great solution for portfolio managers to keep track of their investors and the company they represent.

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Communicate efficiently by using automaically generated email templates

StartupCRM offers the possibility to send out automatically generated emails at each step of the porfolio management process for all realeted parties. Wide range of email templates are available with dynamic parameters (deadlines, company name, etc.) for customization. Automatically generated emails can save time & energy at everyday work.

Stay updated on the go, work from anywhere

StartupCRM is optimized for any device. All functionalities are available and customized to make everyday work easy and efficient.

Start receiving applications in less than one minute

StartupCRM's online registration and payment module makes it quick and easy to access the system.